‘Victims won’t go to police station’


Taking their ‘zero tolerance policy‘ towards cases of child abuse a step further, the Gurgaon police have decided that children would not be called or taken to the police station for initial questioning or investigation. The police have also included women and senior citizens in this category.

Gurgaon police commissioner SS Deswal said police officials would instead visit the homes for verification and other investigation related matter.The police have also tied up with NGO Shakti Vahini to organise a one-week training programme to sensitise its force at 23 police stations. The police force would be trained about how to deal with abused children and their parents.

“Children are the vulnerable section of our society and we should do whatever we can to help our society grow as a healthy society,” he added. Two cases of child abuse were recently reported from two upscale schools in the city. The police also launched a helpline to prevent or reach out to help the victim in child abuse cases.

“Any child, his/her parents or schools should report cases of child abuse instead of suppressing them. Such cases can be reported on the helpline number 1098 or the Police Control Room number 100 and 0124- 2316100 or the Woman and Child Helpline number 0124- 2335100,” Deswal said. Nishi Kant from the Shakti Vahini Foundation, who will be heading the programme, said, “Our team of counsellors will visit all the 23 police stations and co-ordinate and sensitise the officers as to how to behave with the parents and children in case of child abuse.”

The commissioners added, “Any senior citizen or woman shall not be called into the police station. The statement of the woman should be recorded by a woman police officer.”



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