Abandoned, they find shelter and care here

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NEW DELHI: Ratna`s case may be the first reported one of a woman being deserted at a metro station by her husband, but cases of women being abandoned at railway stations, streets and hospitals happen frequently in the capital.
Officials at the women`s shelter at Regarpura near Karol Bagh — which is the lone 24×7 shelter for women and children in the city — say that this year they have got some 15 women who were deserted in public places. Rita (name changed) is a case in point.
A native of Andhra Pradesh, she says that she married a man out of her own choice and moved to Mumbai with him. “He was a labourer who later brought me to Delhi and took up work as a mason,” she recounted. She conceived but delivered a still born baby. Soon after, she says, her neighbours started saying that she was mentally unstable and her husband got her admitted to a government hospital in east Delhi. He never came back.

“She was found by a PCR van on the street near Dilshad Garden. She was so sick that she had to be kept in the intensive care unit. She is now fine though a bit malnourished. She has told us that she had a family in Andhra Pradesh and we will now try and find them so that she can be sent back home,” said Smriti Vaid, a representative from St Stephen`s hospital`s homeless project. In the shelter, Reena (name changed) sits quietly in one corner. She suffers from a rare urinary dysfunction which makes her anathema for officials of most homes in the city. With some care and planned medical assistance though, she has now started participating in the activities of the shelter.

NGOs working with the homeless point out that cases of women — especially those with mental illnesses — being deserted by families are not uncommon. There are quite a few cases of even old women being abandoned. Rishikant from NGO Shakti Vahini says that Ratna`s case reflects the story of many women. “We are seeing more cases where men marry women and then abandon them or sell them off for prostitution.

Read more: Abandoned, they find shelter and care here – The Times of India http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/Abandoned-they-find-shelter-and-care-here/articleshow/7026301.cms#ixzz16ugHAddj


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