Child abuse whistleblower gets threat from accused


GURGAON: C.P. Mitra, the man who reported DLF Phase I child abuse case, has allegedly been getting threats from the accused family. Mitra lodged a complaint in the local police station in this regard on Tuesday. While refraining from directly naming anyone, Mitra stated in his complaint that he perceived threats from some occupant in neighbourhood. However, the address mentioned in the same complaint is that of the house owned by the accused.

While confirming this, station house officer Harendra Kumar said that the accused family members have been summoned to the police station on Thursday. Talking to TOI, Mitra said he and his family members were getting disturbed by the ruckus created in front of their house every night. “I have asked for police protection in the complaint letter stating that there is threat to me and my family members,” he said.

“My wife is scared to even step out of the house and go to the nearby market. My 75-year-old father is perturbed by the incident.” He said that a group of people went to his neighbour’s house and asked him to warn me of dire consequences. Mitra (38), who works as a veterinary consultant with European Union and has been living in the locality for over a decade now, said that he had been hearing crying and howling of the child everyday since past two months.

As his bedroom window looks into Gupta’s residence, Mitra could witness the beating and shoving on everyday basis. “After seeing all this, I couldn’t sleep peacefully at night and decided to file a police complaint. While I am happy that the child is free now, I am worried about the safety of my family,” he said.

Mitra had recorded video clippings of Shakuntla Gupta, wife of the house owner Ishwar Kumar Gupta (both accused in the case), mercilessly beating the child.Child abuse whistleblower gets threat from accused


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