Job bait used to lure women into flesh trade


HYDERABAD: The recent rescue of AP girls from a Delhi brothel has revealed that love and employment are the two main methods adopted by human traffickers to lure women from the state into flesh trade. A complaint lodged by a 22-year-old woman from Anantapur, who managed to escape from the brothel at GB Road in New Delhi, has made it possible for 17 from the state holed up in the same brothel to get out from there. The complainant, Lakshmi (name changed), was lured to Delhi in 2009 by the traffickers with the promise of a job. Lakshmi, who was deserted by her husband, was desperate for a job to take care of herself and her newborn child. She was then approached by a trafficker, Gangaraju, who took her to Delhi promising her a job. Lakshmi was then handed over to a woman who introduced herself as an employment agent. Through some more middlemen and women, she finally ended up in a dingy apartment at GB Road where she was forced into flesh trade.

Unable to escape from there, she had to give in finally. A few months later, she got access to a telephone and called up her sister in AP and pleaded her to rescue her. With the assistance of her sister and an NGO, Lakshmi managed to escape from the brothel towards the end of 2010. She then returned to Anantapur and has been living with the assistance of a local NGO. After recovering from the trauma, Lakshmi approached the CID recently saying that there were at least half a dozen women from Andhra Pradesh wanting to escape from the Delhi brothel.

CID sleuths booked a case and a special team was dispatched to Delhi, which rescued 72 women, including 17 from the state. According to Subir Roy, director (programmes) of NGO Shakti Vahini, who counselled some of the rescued women, about 70% of the victims were lured to Delhi by a trafficker called ‘Raju’. “The traffickers’ network is well organised and we suspect that a majority of them are identifying themselves as Raju to confuse the investigating agencies,” Roy said.

Among the rescued women from the state are widows, girls who eloped with lovers and poor women who were trapped with the offer of employment. “To trap the women, the organisers of the brothel tell them to work for two years and at the end of it, are promised a hefty amount which they can take home. But that never happens and seeing no future, the victims continue in the same work,” a CID officer said. During the raid, CID officials found the women hidden in narrow tunnel-like spaces. “About 50 women were accommodated in a space where hardly 20 can stay,” CID DSP Lakshmi Naidu said.

CID SP Kalpana Nayak said the 13 arrested traffickers were produced before the court and remanded in judicial custody. “The victims will be arriving here shortly. The women will be sent to state rehabilitation homes and the minors will be produced before the child welfare committee,” the SP said.


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