3 Jharkhand, Bengal girls rescued

3 Jharkhand, Bengal girls rescued

3 Jharkhand, Bengal girls rescued


NEW DELHI: Delhi Police, under fire from the Child Welfare Committee for failing to trace trafficked girls, has rescued three girls from different parts of the capital. The girls from Jharkhand and West Bengal were brought to the city after being drugged and locked up inside toilets of express trains. Once in the capital, they were either employed as domestic help or sold off to brothels.

On May 2, a 15-year-old girl from Simdega in Jharkhand was rescued from the house of one Virender Singh in Pitampura by a joint team of Maurya Enclave Police and Shakti Vahini, an NGO. The girl was allegedly brought to Delhi by one Taleshwar from her village and was employed in Singh’s house as a domestic help allegedly by one Ajit Pyari of a placement agency. But she had not been able to contact Pyari for the past two months.

Two other trafficking victims have been rescued from the GB Road area by a joint team of West Bengal Police and Delhi Police. One Jahangir has also been arrested from Manikchar village in Bengal’s Joynagar and sent to judicial custody. One of the girls, from South 24 Parganas of West Bengal, was lured by one Bappa Haldar with the promise of a better job. She was earning Rs 1,000 a month as a help. The trafficker took her to Howrah station but they boarded a train to Delhi. “I asked him where we were going. He said the owner of the hotel where I was supposed to work lived nearby. When I got suspicious, he threatened me, saying he would push me off the train,” the girl said.

After reaching Delhi, she was kept in a house at Kotla Mubarakpur in south Delhi. There she met another girl from Bengal. After three days, both girls were taken to GB Road. Following a tip-off, a team of Delhi Police and Shakti Vahini, raided the brothel and rescued them on March 31.

3 Jharkhand, Bengal girls rescued

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