One Day Consultation on Anti Human Trafficking , Missing Children and Crime Against Women & Children

June 19, 2015
A one day Consultation was organized in Rohtak by Shakti Vahini in Collaboration with Rohtak Police on the issue of Human Trafficking on June 19, 2015. Police personnel from Rohtak range including the district of Rohtak , Panipat , Sonipat and Jhajjhar attended the consultation. Various stakeholders like the Child Welfare Committee, Child Protection Officers and Protection Officers attended the consultation organised at the IDTR centre Rohtak.
SHAKTI VAHINI ROHTAK TRAININGInaugurating the Consultation Mr.Shashank Anand, IPS SSP Rohtak asked the Police to ensure strict compliance of various laws on women and children. He said that combating Violence against women and children was a priority issue for the Police and requested all stakeholders and NGO to partner together in combating these social malaise prevailing in the society. He also spoke on recent changes in the law especially related to sexual assault of women and children. He appealed to all Police officers to be sensitive to cases of women and children. He also asked all the Police personnel to be very sensitive while dealing with cases of Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2000 and Protection of Sexual Offences against Children Act 2012.
SHAKTI VAHINI ROHTAK TRAININGMr Ravi Kant President Shakti Vahini and Advocate Supreme Court gave a detailed presentation on Human Trafficking in India. He explained the recent changes in Section 370 IPC which has criminalised trafficking in persons and also prescribed stringent punishment for the offence.
While speaking on Section 370 IPC he said that While the old section 370 of IPC dealt with only buying or disposing of any person as a slave the new section will take in its purview buying or disposing of any person for various kinds of exploitation including slavery. This provision includes organ trade. As the explanation further clarifies “exploitation” would also include prostitution. This is in addition to the ITP Act, 1956. The intention of the legislature in including “other forms of sexual exploitation” and “forced labour or services” can be read to address situations where the trafficked persons are used for pornographic purposes or services like massage parlours.
SHAKTI VAHINI ROHTAK TRAINING”Human trafficking has emerged as a serious issue as it has acquired the form of organised crime. In order to understand and prevent this social evil, governmental as well as non-governmental bodies along with law and order forces need to work in tandem.”
The issue of buying and selling of girls from eastern and Southern part of India to Haryana village is happening. The trafficking of girls and women is the ramification of female foeticide in Haryana. He adds.
Mr Shashank Anand , SSP Rohtak requested all Police personnel present to help in  “Operation Smile” Initiative on Missing Children which is to be launched from 1st July. He also discussed the initiative of Track the Child on Missing Children and the Khoya Paya initiative.
SHAKTI VAHINI ROHTAK TRAININGMr Shahsank Anand also shared that the Government of Haryana has notified Anti Human Trafficking Unit in various  Districts of Haryana. He also told the Police Personnel about 226 Anti Human Trafficking Units operating across India which are helping in Inter-state collaboration of Investigation in Human Trafficking Cases.

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